Your vote for Gustavo at the Boulder County Assembly

I have appreciated the opportunity to talk or correspond with some of you, to listen to your ideas, concerns and recommendations.  I know that you care dearly about our community and about the issues affecting Boulder County.  You can trust that I have listened to your concerns and recommendations and will utilize your input as I move forward.

Some of my strengths include my ability to see the big picture, understand context, relevance and unintended consequences of the decisions we make.  I offer the ability to build bridges of understanding.  I am pragmatic, effective and focused on solving problems.  I believe that my education, professional success and dedicated public service make me the most qualified candidate to perform this job and raise the standards of the office.

I relate seamlessly with executives, decision makers, young people, immigrants and elders.  I understand the importance of respecting and celebrating people’s dignity.

I am a leader who can change the way we serve the public, the way we resolve conflicts and the way we develop policy.  Everything I have accomplished has been accomplished through teamwork and collaboration.

I have an impeccable record of public service, a reputation for collaboration and cooperation.  I have solid professional skills managing budgets, departments and global projects.  I have worked with many cultures, languages and diverse perspectives; and most of all, I bring a passion for service and the ability to get things done.

I am the person to serve as your County Commissioner. Please support me with your vote at the County Assembly on Saturday!

Best regards


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