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Gustavo Reyna Announces Candidacy for Walla Walla City Council

Pledges to build and strong, sustainable and resilient community

Walla Walla – Today Gustavo Reyna launched his campaign for Walla Walla City Council Position 3, the at-large seat. Mr. Reyna recently served for five years as Mayor Pro-Tem in Lafayette CO, prior to moving to Walla Walla with his family in 2018.  For the last three years, he has served as a volunteer board member for several local non-profit organizations focusing on healthcare and community development. He is a member of the regional affordable housing study group sponsored by the Community Council and currently serves as the chair of the implementation task force. Mr. Reyna is a global strategic marketing manager at Intel Corporation and lives in Walla Walla with his wife Colette and daughter Gabriela, who is a junior at WaHi. 

I decided to run for the Walla Walla City Council to promote a strong, affordable, healthy and resilient community. I believe that this is a crucial moment for locally owned businesses and family farms who need our support to fuel their economic recovery.  I support smart and sustainable growth; local enterprises; public safety and a thriving community. I believe that diversity, education, employment opportunities and housing security are at the heart of our social fabric,”said Gustavo.

In the Lafayette City Council, Mayor Pro-tem Reyna’s accomplishments included an array of initiatives that are relevant to our Walla Walla community, such as the ordinance to increase the amount of land dedicated to parks and open spaces; the ordinance protecting the small-town character of old town; the creation of the Peer Empowerment youth leadership program and the collaborative effort with other municipalities and local governments to maximize investments in shared common interests. During his tenure, Lafayette acquired land to build affordable housing, developed a community Arts Collective, experienced a virtual economic renaissance with new restaurants and small independent businesses, and the city made commitments to solar energy, sustainability and smart transportation initiatives.

“I want to use my experience developing a prosperous and thriving community to envision the future of our unique city and culture here in Walla Walla. I represent the aspirations of the emerging generations of Walla Walla residents, focused on opportunities, affordability, equity and quality of life. I want to listen and collaborate in resolving the challenges that we face as a community based on the merit of ideas, rather than ideology or political biases.  My agenda is to serve the people of Walla Walla, creating and implementing pragmatic solutions that address what people most care about,”said Gustavo. 

Mr. Reyna has a reputation for bringing together different perspectives by including a diverse set of voices who can contribute their ideas, insights and solutions to community challenges such as public safety, economic development, public health, youth programs, sustainability, arts and culture. He has promoted an environment of cooperation; reaching out and building bridges among the many business, government and non-profit organizations that serve the city’s residents.

He plans to launch a listening tour in June, to hear directly from the people of Walla Walla about their needs and aspirations. Learn more about the campaign at:  



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