Walla Walla Union Bulletin


Gustavo Reyna announces run for Walla Walla City Council at-large seat

Former mayor pro-tem in Lafayette, Colorado, Gustavo Reyna, announced Friday, May 7, he will run for Walla Walla City Council’s Position 3, an at-large seat, in the election this year.

Currently, Council member Myron Huie holds the position, representing the whole city and not one of the specific four wards.

Huie has not announced if he will run for reelection, but he said if he does, he intends to run for the South Ward seat, wanting to represent the ward where he lives.

Reyna, his wife Colette and their daughter Gabriela moved to Walla Walla in 2018 to be closer to family and loved the town during a visit.

Reyna has worked for Intel Corporation for eight years and is currently a global strategic marketing manager. He has been a marketing professional for around 20 years in high-tech, software, computers and systems companies.

He received his Bachelors in Communications from the University of Maryland and went on to get a graduate degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Denver.

He believes his experience serving for five years as Mayor Pro-Tem in Lafayette, Colorado, will significantly benefit the similarly sized town and its residents.

“I want to use my experience developing a prosperous and thriving community to envision the future of our unique city and culture here in Walla Walla,” Reyna said. “I represent the aspirations of the emerging generations of Walla Walla residents, focused on opportunities, affordability, equity and quality of life.”

In his tenure in Lafayette, he was a part of many city initiatives, including an ordinance to increase the amount of land dedicated to parks and open spaces and an ordinance protecting the small-town character of their old town, according to a release.

Other accomplishments during his terms with the city include acquiring land to build affordable housing, developing a community Arts Collective and making commitments to solar energy, sustainability and smart transportation for the city.

“I can bring different perspectives together into a single conversation where we can come with the best idea because we welcome different perspectives and different ways to see the big picture,” Reyna said looking back to his time in community service in Lafayette and reflecting on what he can bring to the Walla Walla City Council.


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