Our Collective Vision

Many members of the organizations that I currently serve on various boards asked me to step in at this challenging moment, and contribute my leadership and skills to the Walla Walla City Council. I am running for the Walla Walla City Council position 3, the at-large seat because I want to represent and serve the diverse population across the whole city.  

This is a crucial time for our city, for our future.  The municipal elections are the ones that impact our daily lives and our future most directly and most immediately.  Like you, I am proud and grateful to call Walla Walla home and to enjoy the privilege of living in one of the most charming and livable small cities in the country.

In addition to my work as a global marketing manager for Intel, I serve as the chair of the Community Council affordable housing implementation task force, and on the boards of the Community Council, the Health Center and Providence St Mary’s Mission Board.

My experience serving in the City Council includes five years as the Mayor Pro-Tem for the city of Lafayette, Colorado, a community very similar to our own; about 30,000 residents in 10 square miles, with a diverse and eclectic community, surrounded by agriculture and horse ranches, with a significant historic legacy. 

I believe that each of you cares deeply about the future of our community, and each of you has ideas about what you want for the city of Walla Walla.

I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Together, we can create our future. 

My previous experience serving in City Council taught me that thriving, communities share some common principles: 

  1. active resident engagement
  2. focus on community goals that bring people together
  3. a clear vision of they want to be as a community
  4. effective, committed leadership.

I am committed to work from these four pillars

  • to represent your voice
  • to advocate for the common goals that can bring us together
  • to champion our vision for our city 
  • Effective leadership requires not only experience, skills and the passion to serve, it requires the proactive commitment to raise our standards of service and create a culture of empathy and excellence in all of our city staff.

That is the standard I set for myself and that is the commitment I make to you.

  1. My vision is to plan for smart and sustainable growth, preserving the small-town character of Walla Walla, enhancing our public spaces, parks and plazas, and applying ideas from modern urban planning to improve human scale, livability and affordability.  
  2. My vision also includes creating a cooperative and sustainable local business environment, promoting local enterprises, developing unique commercial zones where local entrepreneurs, artists, craftspeople, health providers and community centers can grow and prosper.   
  3. We need to enhance public safety, promote community engagement, develop and preserve affordable housing, support diverse education and work opportunities for our youth, create economic development and urban renewal projects in our central business area, and develop a sustainability action plan.

I believe that it is within our power to ensure that Walla Walla continues to be a great place for everyone to live, raise a family and run a business. 

Together we can build a thriving, affordable, prosperous community. 

Together we can define and create the future we envision, a city where we all belong and thrive and are proud to call home.

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