Thank you very much of your support

I was honored and thankful to receive your support at the Boulder County Assembly.  But I mostly enjoyed meeting you in person and engaging in thoughtful discussions about our community.  I appreciated the intelligent questions, your commitment and the depth of your knowledge.  Just as you did, I also could foresee a bright future with new ideas, new attitudes and the opportunity to bring progress and prosperity to Boulder County.  I will continue to serve my City with honor and dedication and will continue to promote diversity and inclusion in our community.  I sincerely thank you for believing in me.

This is the speech I delivered to the Assembly:

-“We all share the privilege of living in one of the best places in this country.     In this fragmented America that needs strong and committed leaders to bring us all together

It occurs to me, standing here, that perhaps this is more about you than it is about me, but it is certainly about us.

As you consider the best person to fulfill the duties of County Commissioner, I would like you to raise the standard and require the best qualifications, because you deserve to be served by someone with uncompromising integrity, impeccable public service credentials and a lifetime of building bridges and establishing successful collaborations.

You deserve a compassionate, educated, skilled professional who can lead with confidence and with diplomacy, with the people skills to relate to executives, decision makers, labor, young people, immigrants and elders, and understands the importance of respecting and celebrating people’s dignity.

I am a leader with the skills and temperament to   change   the   way   we   serve the public, resolve conflicts and develop policy.  Everything I have accomplished has been accomplished through teamwork and collaboration.

I am here to ask you to vote for the residents of Boulder County and elect the person who can   most   effectively   serve   them.”

Warm regards.