I believe that Walla Walla is becoming an important destination in the state of Washington.  More than ever, we need to consider how to preserve the small-town character of our community at the same time that we grow our economy and enhance our quality of life.  

As a leader and community member, I have promoted an environment of cooperation, reaching out and building bridges among the private sector, government and non-profit organizations that serve our valley.  I bring together a diverse set of voices who can contribute their ideas, insights and solutions to community issues, such as economic development, public health, youth programing and land stewardship, while keeping focused on the diversity, outdoor recreation, art and culture at the heart of our city’s social fabric.

I have successfully ensured that our community provides funding for youth and human services programs.  I have worked with many organizations that address issues of education, public health, youth programs, land stewardship, arts and culture.

Education is at the heart of my success and my commitment to serve. I believe that education is the single most important factor that can build resilience and lead to our community success.  

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