I promote an environment of cooperation; reaching and building bridges among the many business, government and non-profit organizations that serve the East Boulder County population, with the goal of continuing to build a rich, diverse, tolerant and inclusive community. I have successfully ensured that our community provides funding for youth and human services programs.  I have worked with many organizations in Boulder that address issues of immigration, early childhood education, public health, youth programs, environmental stewardship, arts and culture. I have worked to ensure that local boards and commissions are more inclusive.

In the Lafayette City Council my accomplishments have included an array of initiatives that are very relevant to Boulder County, such as the resolution ensuring equal protection and rights for all; the ordinance to increase the amount of land dedicated to parks and open spaces; the creation of the Peer Empowerment youth leadership program, the resolution establishing Indigenous People’s Day, the creation of the Human Rights Commission, banning neonicotinoids from city open spaces and parks, the Climate Bill of Rights to assert people’s right to a healthy environment, the ordinance protecting the small-town character of old town from massive development, and the collaborative effort with Louisville and Boulder County to acquire the Mayhoffer property for permanent open space.  During his tenure, Lafayette has acquired land to build affordable housing, developed a community Arts Collective, experienced a virtual economic renaissance with new restaurants and small independent businesses, and the city made commitments to solar energy, sustainability and smart transportation initiatives.