Making our Home in Walla Walla

My family moved to Walla Walla three years ago, driven by the desire to move to a smaller town and accelerated by discovering the charm of Walla Walla, including a wonderful house that has become our home.  My wife Colette is from Washington, she grew up in the Seattle area, spent summers on her grandparents’ farm on the banks of the Salmon River and graduated from Whitworth College in Spokane. She and I met in Boulder Colorado, where she went to graduate school.  When our daughter was ready to start first grade, we moved to Lafayette, a small town similar to Walla Walla.  In the diverse people of Lafayette, I found my calling in community service.  I was elected for two terms in the Lafayette City Council and served as Mayor Pro-Tem.  As my father-in-law’s Alzheimer’s disease progressed, we wanted to be closer to Seattle to be more available to help. We did not want to move to a large city, and we enjoy the sunnier, dryer climate of Eastern Washington, so we came to Walla Walla for a scouting trip during Spring Release weekend.  We loved the small-town character and the strong sense of community in Walla Walla. That same weekend we found a house we loved within walking distance to WaHi and local parks. We attended a concert in the Power House theatre, ate at great restaurants and enjoyed the proximity to open spaces. That weekend, we knew Walla Walla was our new home.  We made an offer on our house and began our move.  My wife got a job at Whitman College, and I continued my work at Intel, where I manage International marketing.  Most of my work is global and, though my office is in the Intel Portland campus, I mostly work remote from home. Since the moment we arrived, I’ve found opportunities to serve on projects that support the very things that attracted us to Walla Walla. One of my goals for serving on City Council is to contribute my experience, leadership and vision, and to continue to be a part of building a strong and healthy community for our daughter and our future generations.